hey, I'm Szymon 👋

I'm a 18 yo React Native Developer at Callstack logo. I'm based in Cracow, PL. Currently maintaining @react-native-community/cliand focusing on bringing new web concepts to native. I'm Open Source enthusiast, and I love to share my knowledge with the community!

Me at the 2022 EOY party
Photo of me wearing Callstack's hoodie
Me answering questions after my talk at React Day Berlin
Photo of camera recording myself delivering a talk on stage
Me, Oskar & Kuba at a company party
Me at React Native EU 2023

On a daily basis I'm working in a Technology team, where I support R&D and Open Source initiatives. I'm writing a lot of technical content mainly about React Native and new things that are coming to the framework! I am also attending ZSEL 1 High School in Cracow.